Part 2

by Samurai Tiger

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released April 28, 2017

Drums by Steve Vickers
Bass by Joshua "Wiggles" Hofmeister
Guitar & vocals by Conrad J. Gagnon

Recorded at Grateful Acres by Steve Vickers

Mixed & mastered at Southtown Sound by Kyle Noonan

Artwork by Em Goheen



all rights reserved


Samurai Tiger Maryland

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Track Name: Half Days
The days I lived half awake
Or the days I didn't want to live at all
The view from the window of my parents' house
Before they woke up

My mind's still a wreck
I'm not as sad as the songs I used to write
Maybe things will change
For the better, or for the worst
Track Name: Funemployed Pt. 2
I still have dreams
Where I burn up in a car
Where I burn down that hospital where a part of me died
& when I wake up
I will be somebody else
Somebody neither of us could ever recognize

& you'll look through me
Like I'm some sort of ghost

But I don't have
That old shoebox anymore
It was time for me to let go
& I used to keep
A swiss army knife under my pillow
For those nights when I couldn't sleep

It's just another bitter pill
That I'll swallow every fucking morning

& I'm so worried
That I'll become another silhouette
Of who I could have been
But you'll say one day
You won't need these drugs
Well how about today?
Track Name: Haunter
I'm still living with ghosts
Almost a whole year later
They'll probably hang around
For the rest of my life
You said you didn't think I'd make it
Through the year
But you don't haunt me

I'm still learning to cope
With what I've been given
A body that doesn't work
Quite like it should
You said you didn't think I'd make it
Though the year
But you don't haunt me
Track Name: Rogue National Park
It should have been me & not you
Crumpled on the pavement on my first day of high school
I'll bury myself in the backyard
Behind the house that I grew up in
I can't stop shaking
I can't calm down
I'll shout until my lungs give out
I'll break my bones
& heal myself
But I promise that one day things will be better for you